Battlefleet Koronus

“You’ve made quite a few mistakes in this engagement, Captain. However, your first was assuming that the Emperor’s wrath would be stayed by a mere boundary”
- Admiral Nathaniel Horne, during the pursuit and subsequent capture of the raider Vicious

Passage Watch 27-Est, more commonly known in the Expanse as the Battlefleet Koronus is the imperial Navy presence in the Expanse. Officially under the Battlefleet Calixis, the fleet is given a great deal of leeway in how it pursues it’s goals.

Known ships in the Battlefleet.

Gryphon – A Mars-class Battlecruiser which has served in the Battlefleet Koronus since its inception, often as the flagship. currently under the personal command of Admiral Horne.

Stormwind – An Overlord-class Battlecruiser. It is better suited to full warfare then the long-range patrols of the Battlefleet Koronus and some wonder why it was assigned to to the Passage Watch at all.

Sirius – A Lunar-class Crusier. It has served with distinction in many battles and fought in the Gothic War of 143-151.M41. Later transferred to the Battlefleet Calixis then the Passage Watch.

Gethsemane – A Gothic-class Crusier. Something of a rarity in that it was only constructed last century. It’s crew is still considered to be ‘green’ and so it is often paired with the Sirus.

Hand of Redemption – A Lunar-class Cruiser. Currently on an extended patrol in Winderscale’s Realm.

Drake – A Tyrant-class Cruiser.

Warspite – A Dictator-class Cruiser.

Swiftsure – A Dauntless-class Light Cruiser.

Hawk – A Defiance-class Light Cruiser. A one of a kind ship in the Battlefleet Calixis It was transferred to the Passage Watch because the Battlefleet Calixis was unsure what to do with the frequently considered unworkable hybrid class. Currently commandeered by Commander Victoria Horne,

Battlefleet Koronus

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